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And the phone is ringing.. [entries|friends|calendar]

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brief explanation.. [29 Jan 2004|03:06pm]
[ mood | bitchy ]

sorry i have left you all without much lately.. the truth is i made a new journal to get away from conflicts, but that too has failed. don't know how/why, but i always manage to find myself in a conflict.. even when i DON'T DO ANYTHING! i'm sorry for those of you i didn't tell about my second journal, X-0ut_the_eyes. i didn't know who i could trust and who i couldn't. apparently, i chose the wrong people anyways.

PA is just fine enough for me. i'm sticking with PA and getting away from other things/places/people. too much drama is caused. if you want to know my NEW NEW journal, IM me on shatteredstar2.. i got a new sn too.. if i feel you are worthy, i'll let you know the new LJ and the new sn.

this is the end of this chapter of my life.

Let's just take the train.

i once again am friendless! [12 Jan 2004|10:45pm]
[ mood | crushed ]

work was so dead tonight. paul came up and walked around with me for a while and then we went to mcdonalds together. i love spending time with him. in 2 days, we'll be going out 6 months. that makes me so happy. i love him so much. he's the only one who i could trust with anything at all right now. he's the only person who even makes me remotely happy right now. he's the greatest boyfriend in the entire world.. if it weren't for him, i don't know where i would be right now..

go ahead and believe what she says.. yeah she was a cunt 2 days ago, but now she's god. yeah ok. i considered you my best friend. i gave you that fucking drumstick cuz you rocked that much. well whatthefuckever. don't come running to me when you need someone to talk to.

i'm done with everything. maybe i'll even stop writing in here. no one really cares anymore, and i don't think i do either. the people who i care about know that i care about them and would listen to me over someone who's a known liar, but hey, whatever.

6 forgot where you car was parked. Let's just take the train.

fuck you firefly [12 Jan 2004|03:12pm]
[ mood | grumpy ]


so last night paul came over for like an hour. we just sat downstairs and played with tucker and talked. my mom didn't seem to mind, so i guess that's a good thing. after he left, i came online to find out about some things. i was pretty shocked but my everything in my life always gets fucked up so i guess i can't say i didn't expect it. it's just crazy how someones perspective on something can change so quick, but whatever. i'm not looking forward to this weekend at all..

my mom wokeus up an hour late today so i got a ride to school. school was okay. we had a sub first period. second, bill tried to kill me until mr. jacobs yelled at him. 3rd we hadda write. 4th we hadda do speeches [i get to do mine tomorro] 5th i actually did work.. lunch was fun like always. and 7th i was bored haha.

came hoe and played with tucker. i love him lol.

i talked to paul for a bit.. i love him like woah.

work 5-10 tonight. it's gonna be dead. maybe they'll let me leave lol. paul's supposed to come visit me so that will make my day.

i'm gonna end this now cuz tucker's driving me nuts haha. bye..

i do not miss you..

Let's just take the train.

[11 Jan 2004|09:23pm]
[ mood | distressed ]


Let's just take the train.

come here you silly Tucker! [11 Jan 2004|07:02pm]
[ mood | thoughtful ]

hi. let's see whats happened the past few days..

friday i went over paul's and we got pizza and watched tv and the claymation christmas special thingie.. i haven't seen that in years!! then i went to my gram's and watched house of 1000 corpses on the portable dvd player. fell asleep while watching it. paul called talked for like 2 minutes, shut off the dvd player and went to bed.

woke up at 20 to 9. got ready. ate. went to work. i was in a horribly bitchy mood.. i hate being a girl haha. tia's mom came in and was actually nice.. that was a shock. left work and went to my dad's. took a shower and did my hair. called paul and talked for a bit. sat around and talked to krissi. i didn't feel like going to metro alone, so i went to the coughlin basketball game.. it was funny and i don't even know why. after that we went to rodano's then walked back to my dad's. sat around and talked more. watched american history x.. cried. went upstairs and talked more. texted this matt kid kristin likes. it went back and forth for a bit but he was being all suicidal so we stopped texting him and went to bed at like 3:30.

woke up this morning at 9:38. called my mom got all ready. left. had a discussion/got yelled at. ugh. not cool. came home and got all ready. went to the schylkill mall. finally got the aqua teen hunger force dvds. we went in the pet store. the CUTEST dog was in the window.. i now have a puppy!!!! lol. yep we got the doggie in the window lmao. we named him tucker [haha like the subject?] he's adorable. we stopped at ron's parents'.

i think paul might be stopping by.. i hope so.

work tomorro night 5-10 bleh. i don't want to go to school either. i hate cold weather.. :o(

some people are fucking psycho stalkers.. the nerve haha.

thats all i have.. bye

Let's just take the train.

i need to clean my room haha [09 Jan 2004|02:31pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

hey!! so today was a good day. fun conversations during mr. bush's. he's like my new favorite teacher.

quiz in geometry.. that was easy as all hell lol. i woulda got one of em wrong though cuz i'm stupid.. thank god bill was cheating off of me and told me i messed up lol. chad got that answer wrong cuz i gave it to him before i realized i messed up haha.

test on act II of macbeth. easy. enough said lol

spelling test.. got a 95.

test in physics.. i think i did well! i hope at least. i cheated like woah haha.

lunch was amusing. krystal made an observation which is oh so very very true. saw lots of peoples' semi pictures.. they all looked so nice!!! i can't wait until the prom lmao.

psych was relatviely easy..

who knows what tonight may hold. i might hang out with paul.. i hope so!! then off to my gram's for the night. i gotta decide which dvds to take lol.

i have work 9:30-3 tomorro. ugh. oh well i guess i can deal haha. that reminds me i wanna go pick up my check tonight.. after that, i gotta come home and take a shower then hopefully kristin and i will be going to metro. i wanna see some bands lol. bill was telling me all about his band [hit the lights!] 's songs today and now i really wanna see em. it's been a while since i've see another day's gain too.. hopefully haha. then i'm staying at my dad's that night.

well i'm gonna go clean or do something productive haha.. bye!

Let's just take the train.

i heart me! [08 Jan 2004|09:48pm]
[ mood | pleased ]

success!!! i'm so proud lol. they came out so cute.. i hope *someone* likes theirs. it took a lot of hard work and concentration haha..

i need to do my nails tomorro. ohh something to do at my grams!! i'm taking the portable dvd player with me so that will rock.

andy greenwald signing is saturday.. i'm still a little pissed i'm not going. i wanted to meet him! oh well.. what can ya do..?

my hands are all glue-y.. yuck. i need to wash em and put some lotion on em, theyre all dry and gross lol.

it's almost bedtime i think... i'm gettin tired. creativity takes so much outta ya!!

goodnight.. <333


Let's just take the train.

shopping = 1/2 success [08 Jan 2004|07:51pm]
[ mood | creative ]

hey! we took dj to his gee-tar lesson then we went to the mall.. i got the 2003 warped tour compilation, death cab for cutie's "transatlanticism", and brand new's "your favorite weapon".. and it only came to like $15.. thank god for gift certificates haha.

then we picked dj up and went to eat. the antipasta salad i shared with my mom was gross.

we tried getting my mom and ron to take us to barnes and noble, but no. grr.. i just wanna get that damned "aqua teen hunger force" dvd set already lmao. i could kick myself for not getting it that one day.

went to wal-mart.. picked up a few things so i can be creative.. the creativity will begin soon. i really hope this will turn out the way i want it to. if not i'll be mad/sad lol.

i'm listening to the warped compilation.. i love getting these cuz i find tons of new bands to like. woohoo! i can't wait til the warped tour this year! it's gonna be amazing. i'm definitely going. MCR better be playing dates around here or i'll be very disappointed.

well thats all i gotta go start the creativity process!! wish me luck!!! i'll post later to let you know if it was a success or failure.. haha


Let's just take the train.

blah [08 Jan 2004|03:53pm]
[ mood | cold ]

hey. so today started off and it was kinda sucky. i wasn't in the best of moods so that made it worse.

in physics i got an answer right and even mr. rine was surprised. go me.

came home and heard WONDERFUL news! like you don't even know. my day was made with that haha. i'm like sooo happy. woohoo! :o)

i love my boyfriend.

i love my friends too.

i gotta go do chores. and get dressed again [gym pants are so comfy on a day like today tho.. lol] and await my mom's arrival. then i get to go buy a new cd.. either deathcab for cutie or the mars volta.. probly DCFC though. then to wal-mart for some things.. then home for arts and crafts time so i can make myself something and a present for *someone* :o) hopefully it will turn out like i'm planning it to..

well i'm gonna go finish the chores.. bye!!

Let's just take the train.

[07 Jan 2004|10:33pm]
stolen!!!!!!!Collapse )
Let's just take the train.

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